Welcome to Banwa Private Island…


A truly private island.


When you charter Banwa, the island becomes EXCLUSIVELY YOURS.
There’s no compromise. There are no guests unknown to you.


Quite simply, it’s your very own private island hideaway. The ultimate in luxury, tranquillity and privacy.


All perfectly set up to welcome only you, and yours.


Banwa is one of the few places in the world where nothing breaks you out of your own tranquil cocoon. Not even the distant hum of a plane flying overhead. There’s just the pure pleasure of peace and the ultimate opportunity to switch off, rest your ears, and focus on you.


A place of unspoiled beauty, its unparalleled luxury is matched only by its unique history. The secret to the island?s heritage lies in its name – derived from that of the local Tagbanua tribe, an indigenous community descended from the ancient Tabon man, believed to be the first known humans in the Philippines around 30,000 years ago. You will experience a blending of this ancient tradition with contemporary living connecting the island, and you, to the wider Palawan region and some of its most enduring inhabitants.


Our world-class team will do everything in their power to ensure you enjoy your time here, where secrecy and surprise unite to offer every guest to our shores a beautifully personalised experience like nowhere else on earth.