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Media Journals

Media Journals

“My villa, South One, faces its namesake cardinal point and looks over a heavenly strip of white sand. On a sandbank revealed by the retreating tide, herons and egrets strut like catwalk models and the shadows cast by sails of awnings drift and stretch across the white stone patio that wreaths the pool.”
Nick Walton, Jetsetter, May 2023
“I would soon devour countless pots of Banwa’s signature tea: a sweet, tangy beverage crafted using lemongrass, mint, citrus wedges and precious honey made by worker bees that hustle day after day under the care of in-house beekeepers.”
Kaitlyn Lai, Vogue Hong Kong, May 2023
“It takes 30 minutes to reach Banwa by Iguana, but what a glorious half an hour it is—the surroundings melt away to reveal clear blue waters and endless sky. You don’t see where the water ends, the sky goes on forever, and there are no neighbours to speak of.”
Jen Paolini, Robb Report Hong Kong, May 2023
"... what’s become clear to me, through however short the time ... is that the moments that feel the most luxurious are also the moments that feel closest to the most honest displays of nature."
Joey Wong, Prestige Hong Kong, July 2023
"Whether you’re arriving by air or on your own superyacht, Banwa couldn’t be better suited for post-pandemic travel. At a time when travellers value space, privacy and seamless luxury, Banwa Private Island offers a sustainable, caviar-topped exile."
Nick Walton, Asia-Pacific Boating, Autumn/Winter 2023
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