A private island sanctuary
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Palawan, Philippines

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South Two Villa

South Two Villa

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Palawan is widely acknowledged as one of the few remaining places on earth where you can still experience the natural world at its untouched best. Banwa Private Island's sought-after exclusivity is enhanced by the marine protected area it sits within, and its marine life and supporting ecosystem is thriving as a result.

When you visit Banwa Private Island, you can be assured of the ultimate in privacy and tranquility. Here, a relaxed and informal luxury combines with exquisite personalised service to provide the private island sanctuary you've always dreamt of.

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Located in Northeastern Palawan in the Sulu Sea, Banwa Private Island's six hectares of lush, verdant landscaping and pristine white sand beaches provide a perfect environment for nature to thrive. Our island provides sanctuary for an incredibly rich and diverse number of flora and fauna species.

Nature & conservation on Banwa Private Island
Banwa reef, low tide

Banwa Private Island reef, low tide

Hawksbill Turtle hatchling, North beach

Hawksbill Turtle hatchling, North beach

Banwa South beach, Sulu Sea

Banwa Private Island South beach, Sulu Sea

Sense of place

Banwa Private Island's natural beauty surrounds you at every turn. The tranquility and sense of sanctuary is only truly understood by those lucky enough to experience it for themselves. The strong links to the local community and our intrinsic connection to the ocean provided the inspiration for the naming of the island, and the culture and philosophies of the Tagbanwa people are strongly reflected in the overall ethos of Banwa Private Island.

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Olive-Backed Sunbird, Sunrise Sanctuary

Olive-Backed Sunbird, Sunrise Sanctuary

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