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Palawan is widely acknowledged as one of the few remaining places on earth where you can still experience the natural world at its untouched best.

Banwa’s sought-after exclusivity is enhanced by the marine protected area it sits within, and its marine life and supporting ecosystem is thriving as a result.

When you visit Banwa, you can be assured of the ultimate in privacy and tranquility.

Here, a relaxed and informal luxury combines with exquisite personalised service to provide the private island sanctuary you’ve always dreamt of.

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South Two Villa, pool terrace

The Villas

Banwa’s villas have been designed to immerse you in the natural beauty of the island. Floor to ceiling windows bring the outside in, whilst the pool salas, beach and garden terraces create pure luxury of space. With privacy and tranquility embedded as the guiding principles for their locations, each of the six villas are set amidst lush, verdant landscaping to either side, whilst the infinity pools appear to melt into the uninterrupted ocean views.

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South One Villa, bedroom suite

Terrace dining

Dining & Bar

Latitude Restaurant is the social hub of Banwa – the place to dine and relax together with your family and friends. Our chefs will prepare food totally tailored to your specific tastes and desires in Latitude’s open kitchen. It’s your island, your menu.

What’s more, there are numerous experiential dining locations set amidst the island’s landscape, so whatever the occasion, we can promise the perfect setting.

The Terrace Bar provides the most idyllic gathering point for sundowner cocktails, and more.


Latitude pool terrace at dusk

Organic Farm

Integral to the Banwa ethos is healthy eating. Our produce is grown locally on our organic farm which we encourage our guests to visit during their stay.

The nearby settlement of Tumarbong is home to the island’s organic farm and training village, providing ethically cultivated produce for Banwa’s guests and staff, as well as education, not just for the Banwa team but the surrounding villages too. It is also the testing ground for the island’s solar power generation, which will become crucial to its environmentally conscious operation.

Incorporating best practice in vermiculture (the cultivation of earthworms to convert organic waste in fertiliser) and apiculture (beekeeping), Banwa’s farm village aims to be an educational hub for the local community too, whereby the island’s team will train locals in how to grow and harvest organic produce successfully.

A training centre within the village will shortly be completed too, providing an ideal hub for our community interaction. The ultimate goal for this off-island staff village and farm is to be totally self-sufficient both in terms of power and food production.

Banwater, bottled at source on-island

Artesian Well

Bottled at source on the island, Banwater is drawn from our very own Artesian Well.

At over 500 feet below the island’s surface, our deep well actually flows with the gravity of the ocean tides, providing a naturally replenishing reservoir of fresh spring water, totally synchronised with the ecosystem it helps to support.

Drawn from Banwa's deep well

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