Experience unscripted adventure off the beaten path

Calming waterfalls, tranquil river sanctuary, mystical rainforests and incredible local experiences.  With the famous pristine sands and turquoise waters of North-eastern Palawan between your toes, a day (or two!) of exploration and discovery awaits the adventurer in you.

From Banwa Private Island, traverse to the natural treasures of Barbacan River.  Cherish some quiet time with its diverse flora and fauna while gliding through the meandering tributaries. At nightfall, be mesmerized by the unique phenomenon of fireflies glowing on tree branches turning into a glittering spectacle.

A quick boat ride brings you to Pagbo Island, a hibernating haven for a colony of fruit bats.  Whether you think these creatures are cool or eerie, it’s extraordinarily amazing to witness thousands flying out of a roost all at once.

The idyllic Ilian River, with its well-preserved mangroves framing a picturesque scenery, beguiles adventurers to kayaking and pedal paddle boarding as the vivid sunset colors burst in the infinite sky.

Take an invigorating short trek and head to the hidden Disay waterfalls.  Marvel at the beauty of this hide-away bounded by vast rock formations and take a refreshing dip.

Choose your nature thrills amidst privacy and serenity at the all-villa retreat, Banwa Private Island.

For more information and enquiries on island excursions, please contact the Reservations team through mobile/WhatsApp: +639178882864 or send an email to reservations@banwaprivateisland.com

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