“Architecture must be true to itself, its island and its people.”
– Francisco Mañosa,  National Artist  of the Philippines for Architecture and Allied Arts

Banwa  Private Island’s private villa design is rooted on the philosophy of the late Francisco Mañosa,  National Artist of the Philippines for Architecture and Allied Arts, reflecting the natural wonders of Palawan with the sparkling turquoise waters, powder-white beaches and stunning corals of Sulu Sea.

Manila-based architectural firm, Mañosa and Company, Inc., referenced the Philippines’ last frontier’s natural tropical colour scheme and landscape in native materials when creating the concept.  As architect Angelo Mañosa expounded, “We established the design concept for a sense of place that fits in with the locale of the Banwa Private Island.  Guests will truly experience the natural beauty of Palawan in the beachfront villas… conveying elegance, subtlety and solitude.”

Three unifying design elements are showcased in the private villa to bridge the boundaries between nature and living spaces blurring the distinction of natural and man-made.

Texture.  Inspired by the Tagbanwa, one of the country’s oldest ethnic groups that live in Northern and Eastern Palawan, the indigenous elements woven into the contemporary private villa interiors were derived from their rituals and household objects.  The stucco finish on the walls and the skeletal coral patterns on bed headboards are reflective of the island’s house reef.

Geometry. The triangular geometry of Banwa Private Island’s brand marque, symbolizing a compass to your private sanctuary, was adapted in the applications for the furniture and accessories. The stylized geometric patterns of the Tagbanwa are interpreted in the wooden partition walls. Curtains were made from local beads to mimic tribal jewelry, while lamps were made to look like fish baskets.

Hue.  The turquoise waters and the blue skies of Sulu Sea were reflected on the rugs, throw pillows, runners and accent pieces. The earth and neutral colors were subtle references from the sand on the beach and the wildlife.

The private villas at Banwa Private Island harmonise the natural scenery and local culture, combining modernity with indigenous design while evoking a true sense of privacy and tranquility.

Be inspired by nature and local culture at Banwa Private Island.

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